Flower Meanings​



The practice of giving flower bouquets as a gesture of love, friendship and good wishes began long ago. It's been carried through the ages from ancient Egypt into Europe and then to America. It  was popular in the Victorian era when messages were encoded in the types of flowers offered.

Why not use specially chosen flowers to convey your feelings?

Many flowers have seasons and some are available year round.

We are happy to make up a posy with your individual message attached with a hand-written gift tag.

Greenery Meanings

Lemon Balm - Healing, Relief, Uplifting

Basil - Best Wishes

Boxwood - Endurance, Patience

Geranium leaves - Comfort, Gentility

Grasses - Submission, Flexibility

Hosta - Devotion

Ivy - Fidelity, Friendship

Lamb's Ears - Softness, Support

Moss - Maternal love

Maple - Baby Hands, Elegance

Myrtle - Wedded Bliss, Passion, Fidelity

Oak - Hospitality, Strength

Parsley - Festivity, Gratitude

Sage - Domestic Virtue, Wisdom, Skill

Dusty Miller - Industrious, Virtue 

Dill - Soothing

Bamboo - Strength, Loyalty

Elderberry - Kindness, Strength

Fern - Sincerity, Fascination

Fig - Peace, Prosperity

Galax - Friendship, Encouragement

Honeysuckle - Chains of Friendship

Laurel - Glory, Success

Mint - Cheerfulness, Warmth

Olive - Peace, Reconcileration

Rosemary - Devotion, Endurance

Thistle - Independence

Thyme - Courage, Bravery

Walnut - Wisdom, Intelligence

Willow - Freedom, Friendship

Flower Meanings

Alstromeria - Prosperity, Wealth

Amaranth - Unfading love, faithfulness

Anemone - Truthfulness, Sincerity

Aster - Enthusiasm

Astilbe - I'll be waiting

Bachelor Buttons - Healing

Bells of Ireland - Whimsy

Calla Lily - Magnificent Beauty

Carnations - Always remembered

Clematis - Ingenuity

Cockscomb - Silliness

Chrysanthemums - Longetivity, Faith

Clematis - mental ingenuity

Celosia - humor, silliness

Daffodils - Gracefulness, respect

Dahlia - Dignity and gratitude

Daisy - Innocence

Gerbera Daisy - Friendship

Delphinium - Sweetness, Well Being

Freesia - Innocence

Gardenia - Secret Love, Feminine Charm

Gladiolas - Strength of Character

Hydrangea - Devotion, Remembrance

Iris - Ardor, Promise

Jasmine - Joy, Relatable

Lavender - Luck, Success

Lilac - Beauty and love

Lily - Purity, Faithfulness

Lisianthus - Showy

Nasturtium - Patriotism

Orchid - Nobility, Luxury, Love

Sweet Pea - Sweet Memories

Peonies - Welcome, Beauty

Queen Ann's Lace - Protection

Ranunculus - Charming, Radiance

Rose - Beauty, Friendship, Love

Statice - Long Lasting Memories

Stock - Promptness, Lasting Beauty

Sunflower - Adoration, Loyalty

Tulip - Charity, Fame

Yarrow - Healing, Sadness

Zinnia - Longing for a loved one


We are currently preparing to be a vendor in upcoming shows and events around the Pacific Northwest. Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you know where to find us. If you are looking for a flower and craft vendor, please contact us.


We use as many locally sourced flowers and Earth friendly products as possible. We do this to reduce our carbon footprint and to support our American grown flower industry. We compost our waste and use environmentally responsible cleaning products as well.

We are proud supporters of SLOW Flowers and the American Grown  Flowers movements.

Look for me at Clark College!

I love to teach the power of flowers and I have been teaching at Clark College at the Columbia Tech Center campus for a couple of years. I teach flower design and holiday decorating classes. I would love to have you join us. Go to the Clark College website and look up classes in community development. You will find my classes under "Recreation and Wellness".  You can sign up via their website.

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